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We would like to understand what influences you in choosing online courses. If you help by taking part in a short survey we will compensate you for your time by providing you with a 10% discount on any online course you book on or before 30 August 2017. This is not a prize – it will be provided to everyone who completes the survey. In addition, there will be a prize draw so you will also be entered into the draw for a Fitbit Blaze. 
1. How important are these factors when choosing an online course? *This question is required.
Space Cell EssentialVery ImportantNeutralLow ImportanceNot Important
The topic must not include material I already know
The time commitment is made clear
I want to be able to follow a course on my smartphone as well as on a laptop or desktop
The level of required knowledge is clear
The overall duration of the course is clear
There will be opportunities to discuss topics with a tutor
I can work at any time that suits me
I like to be able to communicate with other course participants
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